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TASA ID: 3998 (Archeology): Archaeologist/Anthropologist, Cultural Resource with expertise in Public Archaeology Historic Preservation, Architectural History, Ethics of Collecting Cultural Objects, Forensic investigations missing persons, and burial, Social Scientist, U.S. Army, Foreign Military Studies Office. Published book on Afghanistan. As a historical archaeologist, I have published four books on Archaeological subjects.

TASA ID: 1542 (Archeology): I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology with an emphasis on Native American and Native Hawaiian cultures. I have knowledge of these cultures and can do research to answer specific questions about them (e.g., land claims and tribal affiliation). I have worked on the repatriation of human remains and sacred objects to Native American tribes. I have broader expertise in researching other cultures of the world, and I also have research experience in gender issues (e.g., female genital mutilation).

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To make the most precise referrals possible to archeology experts, TASA referral advisors will review the archeology expert witness time frame, location, experience and credentials that you require, even assisting you, if necessary, in defining and refining your criteria. TASA referral advisors will then provide names of relevant archeology experts, forward resumes, and help arrange your initial phone interviews with the candidates you select. We save you the legwork and put you in touch with archeology experts available to discuss your case. Our advisors then follow up to help ensure your satisfaction. TASA is renowned in the industry for making most referrals within 24 business hours of your inquiry. Unless you designate or engage an expert TASA refers to you, there is no charge for our expert referrals. For timesaving, cost-effective referrals to the best archeology experts, contact us by online request form, email or phone.


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