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TASA ID: 2638 (Animal): Worked in a variety of positions with many species of wildlife in eastern North America. Worked for 15 years as the Wildlife Biologist for a large state's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Currently owns a Wildlife Consulting firm and works in nature tourism. Certified Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society.

TASA ID: 3057 (Animal): With nearly 35 years involvement in the Thoroughbred industry, and a lifetime of experience with horses, I have developed a unique and thorough knowledge base and perspective on the Thoroughbred and other racing breed industries. My experiences are the product of hands-on horsemanship, a substantial equine legal practice, volunteer and professional service, as well as roughly 15 years as the paid CEO of the leading state and national Thoroughbred owners and breeders organizations.

TASA ID: 4164 (Animal): Retired state veterinarian and owner of an animal hospital, with an array of experience in animal law, veterinary policy, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine. The expert is on the Board of Directors of the United States Animal Health Association and the Board of Veterinary Examiners.

TASA ID: 189 (Animal Husbandry): Equine Consultant, 25 Years Stallion & Broodmare Management, Facility Design - Large and Small. Experience includes Hose Ranch Management, Appraisals, Operational Management, Horsemanship Instruction, Judging: Halter and Performance and Marketing & Sales, Editing and Publishing. Has been an expert witness and consultant to counsel with trial experience dating from 1982. Consultation often includes investigation, reports and interviews on a confidential basis.

TASA ID: 2210 (Animal Husbandry): This expert was raised on a family ranch in Texas where he worked with horses and cattle and then served as president of a leading livestock fencing company. This expert has written over 300 articles and two books on livestock management and has conducted seminars on livestock management fencing. He is an international authority on livestock fencing and behavior and has consulted in numerous cases involving livestock/auto collisions, fence failure and livestock behavior.

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To make the most precise referrals possible to animal experts, TASA referral advisors will review the animal expert witness time frame, location, experience and credentials that you require, even assisting you, if necessary, in defining and refining your criteria. TASA referral advisors will then provide names of relevant animal experts, forward resumes, and help arrange your initial phone interviews with the candidates you select. This saves you valuable time and helps provide animal experts ready to discuss your case. We later contact you to determine if you require someone other than the experts we first refer. TASA is renowned in the industry for making most referrals within 24 business hours of your inquiry. There is no fee for expert referrals unless you designate or engage a consultant we refer to you. Contact us by phone, email or online request form for cost-effective, timesaving referrals to premier animal expert witnesses.

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