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TASA ID: 3174 (Actuary): Fellow in the Society of Actuaries with experience in many areas of life insurance operations and products. I have worked as a Chief Actuary for a Health Insurance Company and as a consultant for a top audit firm specializing in tax, product development, and financial analysis. I participate in the Society of Actuaries Educational and Examination committee regarding the certification of Certified Enterprise Risk Analysts. Also have strong background in all forms of financial reporting.

TASA ID: 579 (Actuary): Life insurance actuary, including Chief Actuary for several life companies and then went into consulting. She has provided management support to insurance companies, including determination of asset/liability matching requirements, insurance contract review, and financial reporting and analysis. Recently she has been working in the area of health and life expectancy for litigation support. Society of Actuaries Fellow

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Actuarial expert witnesses use economic, statistical, and mathematical skills to model theories, address probabilities and risks, and solve problems in many areas of business. The property-casualty actuarial expert witness can provide the following: the soundness of a rate being charged to a client; reasonableness of a loss reserve estimate on the balance sheet of a risk bearing organization, such as an insurance company; actuarial price for a risk transfer transaction; standard practice in determining a price for a risk transfer; the value of a set of claims of a similar type in an arbitration; and run off value for claims such as pollution and asbestos. The property-casualty actuarial expert witness can also evaluate the mathematical structure for a risk transfer transaction and make determinations of a material adverse change in an acquisition.

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right actuary expert witness for your case. TASA’s experienced, regional referral advisors will review your specialistrequirements with you for experience, location, credentials, and deadlines. We make most referrals within 24 business hours. TASA forwards expert CV’s at your request, outlines background and fee information, helps set up your first phone interviews with actuary experts, and later contacts you to see if you require other expert referrals. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert witness we refer. Since 1956, The TASA Group has connected legal, insurance, law enforcement, and business clients with superior expert witnesses and consultants. Contact us today for credible actuary expert witnesses, by phone, email, or online request form.

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