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TASA continues to expand its products and services in response to the needs of our clients and experts. 

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Cyber Security Services: TASA offers a three-tiered program that includes employee training, vulnerability assessment and risk remediation. We also offer secure, cloud-based Savvyfiles and external flash drives and solid state hard drives. Check out the TASA store on our website for more information on the cyber security products.

e-Discovery and Forensic Solutions: Through a partnership with Legal Support Partners (LSP), TASA now offers on-site and remote data collection, predictive coding/technology-assisted review, near duplicate analysis, concept clustering, email threading, and keyword analysis. Our review tools are easy-to-use and accessible from the web.

Expert Profile 360: The EP360 delivers the most comprehensive information available today on an expert witness you might retain or oppose.  The report checks case law databases, docket sheet repositories, brief banks from appellate courts, motions and pleading banks from trial courts, state trial court orders, and even every blog post available. 

Challenge History Report 2.0: The CHR 2.0 reveals cases where a gatekeeping standard or rule was cited, and where the expert's qualifications or methods were challenged or strongly criticized by the court. 

Preliminary Profile Screening Report: This free report provides a snapshot of an expert's testimonial history. We recommend ordering this report first and then, after the report comes back, deciphering whether or not you will need to order the full EP360 report. 

TASA Webinars: These free, CLE-approved (in some states), interactive presentations - led by expert witnesses - are offered twice a month on a variety of industry-related topics. The archived webinars are available for viewing in our Knowledge Center. 

For more information on the products and services that we have to offer, please feel free to contact or call 800-523-2319.

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