DRI is the leading organization of defense attorneys and in-house counsel. Membership in DRI provides access to resources and tools for attorneys who strive to provide high-quality, balanced and excellent service to their clients and corporations. As a result, DRI provides access to resources and tools to grow your practice.  

Therefore, through an arrangement with The TASA Group, DRI is now able to provide its members with an extensive database of expert witnesses and consultants, discounts on legal data services (forensic data collection/Legal Hold, e-Discovery and Savvy File secure file sharing), cyber security services (user training, vulnerability assessment and risk remediation) and secure data storage (USB drive and SSD drive). See below for the discounted rates.

Feel free to search for experts on this site dedicated to DRI members or give us a call at 800-265-3861. For medical case matters, ask for Patricia Keily and for all other case matters, ask for Deborah Morris.


Since our founding in 1956, we have earned a solid reputation as the most comprehensive, innovative, central resource for attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, and government organizations seeking assistance with litigation (plaintiff and/or defense), general consulting for business matters that require an industry expert, and alternative dispute resolution.


Our service begins with one of our operations staff members either in TASAmed, TASconsulting or TASA having a conversation during which they carefully assess your requirements.  It continues with our customized referrals of candidates, and follow-up to ensure that we have met all of your needs.


DRI Member Discounts

  • NO $175 administrative charge (typically assessed on the first invoice for an expert's charges)
  • Legal Data Services
    • Forensic Data Collection/Legal Hold - 20% discount
    • e-Discovery Services - 15% discount
    • Savvy File Secure File Sharing - $12.00/month/user (List Price: $15.00/month/user)

  • Cyber Security Services
    • User Training (8-10 people/session) - 20% discount
    • Vulnerability Assessment - 10% discount
    • Risk Remediation - 10% discount

  • Secure Data Storage 
    • USB Drive (30 GB) - $125.00 (List Price: $137.50)
    • SSD Drive (I TB) - $210.00 (List Price: $219.00)

Let Us Find Your Expert 

Note: This form is to be completed by legal and insurance professionals ONLY. If you are a party in a case that requires an expert witness, please have your attorney contact TASA at 800-523-2319.