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Lesson #1: Start Now


Learning from other peoples' experiences can be valuable in that it can provide education and insight into the journey you will be embarking on. This is also true for business. There are many articles on the web claiming to have the best words or tips towards success. In this series, we will take a look at one of those articles and evaluate the lessons that they provide.

The article is entitled "5 Life Lessons Essential for Business Success," and the first lesson asserts that in order to achieve business success, one should act now instead of later. In life, most times we are so focused on the negatives and how things could go wrong, that our vision is clouded and we stop moving forward. Focusing on what can go wrong overshadows all of the positive possibilities and makes us afraid. However, considering different obstacles may be a way to make a more informed start in your venture. This lesson says that we should look past the excuses and take a calculated risk.

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