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Tasa ID: 862

Description: EXPERT WITNESS: I have helped over 25 Law Firms Win Lawsuits. From my first case with Johnny Cochran in 2000 through four successful cases in 2020, From Superdome and GA Dome to Super Bowls and NCAA Final 4's. As a manager I have managed two of this countrys most renowned stadiums, the Superdome and the Georgia Dome, as well as two other Arena/Theatre complexs. I have over 30 years of Directing Mega-Events including the largest indoor concert ever held in the United States, at the Louisiana Superdome (The 1981 Rolling Stones Concert, which attracted 87,500 people), The 1982 NCAA Final 4 (first ever held in a Domed Stadium), Superbowl XX and Super Bowl XXXVI to name a few.

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

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