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When to Call It Quits


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When embarking on a new idea, it is important to be able to recognize what works, and what doesn't. Going along with that idea, it is important to know when your idea is no longer viable.

Launching a new business idea is exciting, and it can be hard to know when your idea should be scrapped. Any entrepreneur can attest that your ideas are your babies; you cherish them and don't want to see them be harmed. When the idea is losing steam and doesn't portray a hopeful future, it's sometimes better to stop there instead of suffering at the hands of your idea.

In this article, the author highlights ways to know if your idea or project should be discontinued:

  1. Your team doesn't care.
  2. You're missing growth targets.
  3. Your users aren't impressed.
  4. You've lost internal support.

Please read this article for more about how to reach this startling realization.

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