Our Referral Process

  • Search for an expert on our site, submit our online form, or contact us directly.
  • A TASA Referral Advisor will respond quickly to explore expert options and review your criteria. Most expert referrals are made within 24 hours. Your information will remain confidential.
  • Review and evaluate the expert’s credentials. As part of the referral, experts’ CVs will be forwarded at your request. In addition, we will set up an initial telephone screening interview, which will give you an opportunity to ask crucial questions about an expert’s background and qualify the expert for the particular case. It also gives the expert a chance to learn about your needs and decide if he or she can assist you with your case and meet your deadlines.
  • Accept or Refine the Referral. You will receive TASA’s Confirmation and Agreement, which states the expert’s rates and the terms of TASA’s agreement with you. We’ll follow up to check on the status of the referral and the case. Should you decide that you require different or additional experts, we will restart the process free of charge.

Fees for Our Service

There is no charge for our services until an expert we refer begins working at your direction, or until you designate (formally name) the expert. If work is performed, there is a one-time Administrative Fee of $175 per expert (which appears on the first or only invoice) and, when applicable, a designation fee. All other fees for our service are included in the expert’s hourly rate.

TASA experts are independent and determine their own rates. We will quote each expert’s rates at the time of referral. We confirm all fees and terms in a written Confirmation and Agreement. Experts and consultants submit their invoices to The TASA Group, and we send them to you, our client, for payment upon presentation (unless you notify us that another party is responsible). Usually, experts submit bills as they render services. However, some require that you send us a portion or all fees in advance. We notify the expert when payment arrives, and then services commence. Neither The TASA Group nor experts we refer work on a contingent-fee basis, and our staff is not on commission.

Search Experts

Tasa provides a variety of quality, independent experts who meet your case criteria. Search our extensive list of experts now.

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  • Note: This form is to be completed by legal and insurance professionals ONLY. If you are a party in a case that requires an expert witness, please have your attorney contact TASA at 800-523-2319.