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TASA ID: 2387 (Intellectual Property): Over 20 years of experience applying technology fundamentals to the successful implementation of business solutions working as a technology expert in the area of systems design, software architecture, and data analysis. His professional experience has led to a career of Investigative Data Mining, which includes activities for security and criminal detection, Patent and Claims Analysis, Prior Art Searches, and Expert Witness in computer litigation.

TASA ID: 4616 (Intellectual Property): He consults, started several COs (resarch/IP/design/development/testing) & runs a product devel. CO. He has a BSE from UMich and MSE from UM's Center for Ergonomics. He got a Ph.D. in ME (UUtah) & did a post-doc in Ortho. Surgery & ME at UPitt building the Spine Mech. Lab. He joined UWash investigating accidents & injuries. He spent 3 years at a spine implant CO. He is Affil. Faculty in BioE at UW & teaches Medical Product Design. He is a CPE & peer reviews. His focus is developing medtech.

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Intellectual property or IP refers to a set of monopoly rights acknowledged under the grounds of corresponding law. An intellectual property expert generally handles various things, such as estimation of an intellectual property asset, setting up of royalty rates, elucidation of the claims of a patent, extent of the rights that are covered by a license, etc. Some common intellectual property rights include patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc. An IP expert can assist in legal cases that handle using, gaining, or dealing for trademarks, patents, copyrights, or expression of an idea or plan. An intellectual property expert witness can be hired to decide whether a scheme has been inappropriately used in intellectual property rights and what injuries resulted to the owner of said intellectual property.

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right intellectual property expert witness for your case. Our experienced, regional referral advisors will discuss specific intellectual property specialist credentials with you, as well as the location, experience, and time frame you need. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours. We provide background and fee information, forward expert resumes at your request, help arrange your initial phone interviews with intellectual property authorities, and follow up to see if you require other experts. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert witness we refer. Since 1956, The TASA Group has connected legal, insurance, law enforcement, and business clients with superior expert witnesses and consultants. Contact us today for credible intellectual property expert witnesses, by phone, email, or online request form.

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