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David B. (Delaware): President of engineering and surveying consulting firm for 10 years, specializing in residential and commercial site development, public utility projects, and traffic impact studies, following six years of project manager for consulting firm. Previously worked as Assistant Director of Public Works for municipality for almost 10 years.

Peter J. (Delaware): Served over sixteen years as an attorney in an East Coast state's Securities Division. Conducted and supervised securities investigations from initial intake to the completion of the investigation. First chair responsibility for the litigation of numerous complex securities cases at both the trial and appellate levels. Provided day-to-day legal advice to the regulatory staff of the state's Securities Division.Conducted broker-dealer branch office examinations.

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More experts, more options, more personal service. TASA Regional Referral Advisors have unparalleled experience. Most have been developing relationships with the Delaware expert witnesses they refer for more than a decade. Their knowledge of the experts’ strengths helps them to deliver precise referrals. After consulting with you about your specific expert criteria, these advisors search our expert network, drilling down into the subcategories that you might need. They then refer relevant Delaware candidates, forward resumes at your request, help arrange your initial telephone screening interviews with experts, and follow up to ensure your satisfaction. If you do not ultimately designate or engage a Delaware expert witness we refer, there is no charge for our services. TASA is also well known for its quick response. Most referrals are made within 24 hours of your request, saving you valuable time. Contact us today by email, phone, or online request form.

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