Solving the Trust Gap in Remote Work

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Why is it that despite advances in technology, the trust gap in remote work remains a challenging puzzle for many companies? In a candid conversation with Mike Nash, Founder & CEO of Trelliswork, we delved into this very question. Trelliswork, a Seattle-based company, helps companies run their business operating system, streamlining decision-making, alignment, and accountability in today’s hybrid and remote workplace. This mission is critical in today's business landscape, where in-office presence is no longer a realistic measure of productivity and outcomes.

How to Choose a Pipe Failure Expert Witness


What is required to perform a pipe failure analysis?

  1. Stress and Deflection Analysis: It is imperative to perform an accurate stress and displacement analysis. This is the job of a mechanical engineer. Often, the stresses and deflections of the pipeline, critical to the analysis, may only be determined accurately by computer analysis.
  2. Load History Analysis: An engineering analysis must be performed to assess the loading over the entire life of the pipe. This can only be performed by a mechanical engineer. The load and temperature history are critical to determining the lifespan of the pipe.


Economic Damage Models Commonly Used in Life Insurance Policy Litigation

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When contesting the sale of a life insurance policy, the Plaintiff will typically seek economic damages for the alleged unsuitable nature of the policy sold. Two of the most prevalent economic damage models used in these types of litigation are the "alternative investment" and the "expectation" models. In the past, I have opined on economic damages regarding life insurance policies and found these models share common characteristics but often yield dramatically different results.

Listen to Your Employees to Achieve DE&I Goals

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"Why is it that some organizations excel in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) while others falter?" This provocative question sets the stage for a deep dive into the world of DE&I, based on my enlightening interview with Michelle Marshall, the head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at PUMA North America. In our conversation, Marshall reveals critical insights and strategies that PUMA employs, offering a roadmap for other organizations striving to enhance their DE&I initiatives.

The Rising Legal Risks of Rigid RTO Policies

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Are employers walking into a legal storm by enforcing rigid return-to-office (RTO) mandates? The post-pandemic era presents a unique challenge as employers grapple with shifting workforce dynamics. The insistence on a full return to the office, without considering individual circumstances, could lead to a surge in legal issues, particularly discrimination claims. This concern is not mere speculation; it's a reality backed by a significant uptick in workforce discrimination charges.


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