Changes in PA Workers' Compensation Act 2014

TASA ID: 1823

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision made in November 2013, concerning standards for Workers' Compensation for Labor Market Surveys, is understood to substantially increase the burden in attempts of employers in modifying workers' compensation benefits. The decision argued on March 7, 2012 and decided upon November 21, 2013, involved a claimant who was injured during her employment with Phoenixville Hospital. She had applied for five jobs comprising a LMS.

Hidden Hazards of Confined Space

TASA ID: 3404

Frequent headlines in breaking news stories convey the tragic results of yet another confined space fatality accident. With fatality statistics indicating that more than 60 percent of rescues in confined spaces result in a workplace fatality.  Since most of these cases are fully preventable, sadly they involve local firefighters responding to trapped workers injured on the job.

A common misunderstanding many people share is that local firefighters respond to emergencies fully equipped as technical rescuers.  Having experience in structural fire control or vehicle emergency response doesn’t necessarily qualify one as a technical rescuer.  Comprehensive training, practical experience, and a working knowledge can adequately prepare responders to engage as rescue professionals, not before.

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