Category: Construction, Safety

Open Roof Holes and Roofing Injury Prevention

TASA ID: 3404

A roofing foreman and crew arrive at the season's first commercial re-roofing project, as he directs his team to load tools and materials to the rooftop, workers set up ladders to gain access to the roof above.  Onsite less than five minutes and without notice, one of the roofers inadvertently loses his balance, falling onto a weathered skylight, shattering the opaque-plastic, falling 60-feet to the concrete floor below, and perishes from blunt force trauma.
Category: Construction, Safety

Roofing Construction Toxicity and Flammability Hazards

TASA ID: 3404

In order to reduce energy costs in roofing construction, contractors install cool roofs1 aka Single-Ply Roofing, as estimated by Bob Craig in EDC Magazine, "The majority of new roofing is a white single-ply membrane, either TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This is due mostly to new energy codes that require reflective roofing to reduce heat absorption into the structure.” 

What's Your H2O (Safety) IQ?: How well can you answer these 20 boating and water safety questions?

TASA ID: 1723

1. [a] How many drowning deaths occur in the U.S. annually?

In 2014, the total went down to about 4,000 per the National Safety Council. In 1980, there were 8,000 drownings nationally.

Why: CPR, *PFDs - improved life jackets, EMS, **ETH-updated information about alcohol/aquatic dangers. But much more can be and needs to be done.*(Personal Flotation Devices-Life Jackets) ** (Ethanol-Grain alcohol, as in beverages)

Who Is Responsible for Worker Injuries at Loading Docks?

TASA ID: 625

Whenever people and trucks are in close proximity, the area becomes very hazardous. In most cases, but not all, those that are doing the loading or unloading, as well as pedestrians, can be the losers. Generally, loading and/or unloading involves a great deal of people, goods and machinery, often on a raised platform or loading dock.   There are a number of standards and regulations designed to limit the number of hazards workers are exposed to on loading docks.

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