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Perils of Pain Meds


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TASA has a specialized medical division which provides experts in the medical field. One of our many medical specialties is medication. Recently, an article titled Perils of Pain Meds was published by a TASA expert. 

The abstract for this article is as follows:

Over the last decade, an expansion in the use of opioids has been advocated by certain pain specialists as well as pharmaceutical companies. In my opinion, this has occurred in the absence of valid data that support the claims that opioids can effectively and safely be extended beyond cancer to most patients with chronic non-cancer pain with a low risk of addiction. Such claims have subsequently been found to be inaccurate, and the original statement about the low rate of addiction to a common oxycodone sustained-release formulation has been shown to be false (as recently admitted by pharmaceutical company executives as a result of a Federal indictment).

To read this article, please click here.

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