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The Investigation of a Suspected Automotive Fraud Claim

On Wednesday, March 30, 2011, at 2 p.m. ET, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with Automotive Forensic expert Kenneth Zion, presented a free, one-hour, interactive webinar, The Investigation of a Suspected Automotive Fraud Claim, for all legal professionals.

This presentation discussed in detail various elements of a suspected automotive fraud including:
  • Witness marks and trace evidence
  • Lamp filament deformation
  • Crash Data Recorder (black box)

About the Expert Dr. Kenneth R. Zion, owner of Automotive Collision Consultants, is an automotive collision and mechanical expert with over 40 years of automotive repair experience. He specializes in inspecting and analyzing vehicles for suspected repair fraud, failure analysis, staged accidents, and accident reconstruction. He maintains numerous automotive ASE / ICAR certifications and a Master certification in Automotive Collision / Painting.

As an automotive repair expert, Dr. Zion has inspected over 3000 vehicles. He has testified in civil / criminal cases, and in local, state, and United States district courts.

Recognized for his automotive expertise, Dr. Zion has been retained as the lead automotive expert in several notable cases including:
  • Allstate vs. Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas
  • State of California vs. Robert Blake
  • State of California vs. Vincent Brothers
In addition, Dr. Zion is a nationally renowned author and educator. He has taught classes for Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) teams, law enforcement auto theft task forces, automotive manufacturers, criminal / civil defense and plaintiff lawyers, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

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